What Is A Web Designer’s Job?

It is easy to confuse a web designer, a programmer and a graphic designer. All of them work on similar fields but they are not the same. A programmer works with functionality, they write code that becomes websites. Graphic designers create visual identities. A web designer is a combination of both.

They work with code that was written by someone else. They work on the visual aspect of the site based on a previously established identity. Web designers take someone else’s jobs and combine it.

Creation of Graphics

Web designers create graphics but they do not create identities. A company must have a logo and a color palette. It is a requirement before the hire a web design London firm. Some web designers have a background as graphic designers, but not all of them.

The web designer is not in charge of your logo. The will put the logo on the website but not create it. For any of these tasks, it is necessary to hire a graphic designer.


The web designer is in charge of the distribution on the site. They decide where to put each element. Layouts follow rules that have been previously established. Any web design London firm follows the same set of rules.

The layout rules were conceive as a manual for designers. Following these rules guarantees that the site is user friendly. Also, that it is easy to understand. Web designers do not write the rules as they go.


There are three languages that a web designer must learn. Html, CSS and JavaScript.

  • Html : The layout. Sets the way to show the information on the site.
  • CSS : Aesthetic. Colors, fonts and styles get established using CSS.
  • JavaScript : It is the code for all of the interactive aspects of the design. If a menu unfolds or an element hides, it is JavaScript’s doing.

They work with these elements to create a website. Some may add Bootstrap to the list. It is a new language for better layouts. In the end, every site requires a little of the three basic languages.

The web designer is in charge of creating the site and nothing else. They do not upload information after it is finished. They do not write information. Once the site is online, the owner is in charge.